"Probate" is not a four letter word. Really! It doesn't deserve the reputation that is has gotten.

Probate is merely the process that the court uses to record a Will and open an administration, or determine who inherits what where there is no Will.

The good news is that, in Texas, where there is a properly drafted and executed Will, probate is relatively simple and painless. The bad news is that probate proceedings almost always require an attorney.

Typically, the estate representative (often called the Executor) will be required to attend at least one court appearance (called a Hearing), during which the representative will be qualified and take the required oath.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any prices quoted are based on a typical and straightforward family situation. Unusual, detailed, or complex scenarios may take more time, increasing the cost. Estimates represent the most common situations and are subject to revision based on your individual circumstances.

These are just a few of the most common probate methods. If you need something more complex, I'm happy to discuss options and fees. Please contact me at 713-478-2618 or for more information.

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